LDNIO Tuya Smart Wifi Socket
LDNIO Tuya Smart Wifi Socket
LDNIO Tuya Smart Wifi Socket
LDNIO Tuya Smart Wifi Socket
LDNIO Tuya Smart Wifi Socket
LDNIO Tuya Smart Wifi Socket

    LDNIO Tuya Smart Wifi Socket

    Rs.4,199.00 Rs.5,799.00
    • Barcode:

    • Brand Name: LDNIO
    • WIFI: Yes
    • Overload Protection: Yes
    • Outlets Number: 1
    • Type: Electrical Plug

    • Feature

      Rated parameter:2500W-10A(MAX) 250V~

      Wifi Frequency:2.4GHz

      1.Remote control:One APP controls all kinds of electrical appliances in the home,remote control anytime,anywhere.

      2.Timing setting:Scene timing,such as water heater,night light,fish tank,mosquito coil,charging protection,heater,etc.

      3.Power-off memory:Set through the "memory function"button on the APP.After the socket is powered off and restarted,the state before the power off will be maintained.

      4.Network disconnection memory:Local timing function,set the timing when the network is connected,it can still be executed effectively after the network is disconnected.

      Function Description

      Smart wifi APP controls the actual use operation:

      1.First download the "Smart Life" APP on your mobile phone,which can be downloaded for free in all major APP stores,and install it directly after the download is successful.(Scan the code which marked at the product)

      2.After installation,register an account and log in to the interface at the same time

      3.When the login is successul,press and hold the button of the smart plug for 5-8 seconds at this time until the LED flashes quickly.Open the APP at this time,click on the Add Symbol"+"in the upper right corner,the device name of SCW1050 will automatically pop up(The bluetooth function of the mobile phone is turned on,click"Add",clik "Next",complete,and connect to the Wifi network(the mobile Wifi must be in the connection state)

      Reason To Get The Smart Plug

      1.Intlligent linkage

      2.On-time smart reminder

      3.Independent safety door

      4.Timing function

      5.Fire-resistant PC shell


      Distant Control Of Wifi Smart Plug

      Use the phone to control it,convenient usage to avoid electrical safety accident

      2500W Power Smart Plug.Widely Used On Air-conditioner/Temerature&humidity Sensor/Smart Door Lock etc.

      3-Step Connection

      First,insert the smart plug

      Second,insert the device's plug intoo the power strip which with smart plug

      Finally,download intelligent controller APP to use


      High temperature reminder

      Independent safety door

      Fire-resistant PC shell

      On-time Smart Reminder.Intelligent Protection

      Remind user to turn off elctrical appliance once the operating time reach the setting value and avoid resource wasting problem caused by long time operating

      Time Swith

      Make electrical appliance start or end working according to instructions

      Timing Mode

      Avoid device from over-charging