Baseus Human Body Induction Wardrobe Light -
Baseus Human Body Induction Wardrobe Light -
Baseus Human Body Induction Wardrobe Light -
Baseus Human Body Induction Wardrobe Light -
Baseus Human Body Induction Wardrobe Light -
Baseus Human Body Induction Wardrobe Light -
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    Baseus Wardrobe Rechargeable Motion Sensor Light

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    Product Code: ZNP-1462

    Baseus Under Cabinet Light PIR LED Motion Sensor Light Rechargeable LED Night Light Lamp For Wardrobe Kitchen Bedroom Closet


    High color rendering index lamp bead: Restore the color
    150 Days: long endurance
    Dual induction: PIR human body induction+photosensitive induction
    Magnetic installation: Easier pick and place

    One Second Response, Open Up and Light Up (PIR Human body induction,Photosensitive induction)

    The Built-in dual inductive elements can intelligently recognize different light and shade environments. Do not light up in the daytime while automatically light up when detect human bodies at night, convenient and user-friendly.

    Comparable to Natural, Light Sources Light Up the Natural Color of Clothing

    In order to restore the natural color of clothing under the lamp, we adopt the higher standard LED lamp beads of more than 90 of color rendering index, comparable to natural light sources and better restoring the natural color of clothing.

    Little Consumption Long Endurance

    It is a low energy consumption lamp. The theoretical endurance of the built-in 800mAh high-capacity battery is more than 150 Days ininduction mode. Save you from repeated charging.
    Note: calculated on the basis of 5 times of induction lighting per day. The above data are measured by the Baseus laboratory. the actual use will be slightly different depending on the specific circumstances.

    Stripe Design for Larger Light Source Area

    The arc-like lamp body has larger Light source area. Light up easily not matter how much clothing you have and how big your wardrobe is.

    Light Up the Dark When Get Up at Night

    It can be inside the wardrobe. Or at the bedside, it lights up the dark when you get up at night. The soft light is not dazzling and does not affect the family's rest.

    Guard Your Family, Safe and Secure

    The built-in smart chip in the lamp body will automatically power off when over-charge and over-discharge. Keep you safe and secure

    Warm and Soft Light, Tranquil and Peaceful Life

    Place it on a desk as a reading lamp

    With 3 Modes

    AUTO Induction Mode, OFF Mode, ON Mode

    Magnetic Pick and Place, Portable Soft Light

    The customized magnetic base firmly adsorbs onto the groove of the lamp body. It can be used as aportable flashlight when take down the base.

    Tear off & Stick on, No Punching and Installation

    The built-in battery makes punching or wiring unnecessary. The lamp can stick firmly with 3M super glue and tear off without any marks.
    1. Tear off the high viscosity 3M adhesive of the base.
    2. Glue the lamp body base to the wardrobe position.
    3. Put the lamp body close to the base and absorb it.

    Even if Life is full of Brightness Light is always Needed.

    Available place: Aisle Stairs, Shoe cabinet, Kitchen

    Product Parameter

    Name: Baseus Sunshine Series Human Body Induction Wardrobe Light
    Model: DGSUN-YA02/DGSUN-YBO2
    Material: ABS+PC
    Power: 1W
    Operating temperature: -10℃-+40℃
    Battery capacity: 800mah
    Color temperature: 4000(Natural light)/6500K(White light)
    Size: 290*36*16mm
    Product weight: 115g

    Multiple Type

    4000k(Natural light), 6500K(White light)