Baseus Eye Protect LED Dimmable Desk Lamp -
Baseus Eye Protect LED Dimmable Desk Lamp -
Baseus Eye Protect LED Dimmable Desk Lamp -
Baseus Eye Protect LED Dimmable Desk Lamp -
Baseus Eye Protect LED Dimmable Desk Lamp -
Baseus Eye Protect LED Dimmable Desk Lamp -

    Baseus LED Dimmable Reading Desk Lamp

    Rs.12,999.00 Rs.14,000.00
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    Baseus LED Desk Lamp Eye Protect Study Dimmable Office Light Foldable Table Lamp Smart Adaptive Brightness Bedside Lamp For Reading

    Baseus Rechargeable Folding Reading Desk Lamp (Smart Light)

    Six reasons for choosing this smart light:

    1. A smart dimmer for comfortable light Auto adjust the brightness according to an environment.

    2. Precision optical light distribution design: Rectangular lighting for a large area, uniformly lighting up the desktop.

    3. Full-spectrum good light: Soft and bright natural-like light for reading enjoyment.

    4. A small base like an inverted cup: Portable and space-saving.

    5. Ra95 CRI: High CRl displays true colors of objects.

    6. 13+ Hours of battery life: 2200mAh large capacity battery, strong battery life.

    Smart Recognize Environments Auto Adjust Brightness

    Built-in sensing elements recognize ambient light and a customized smart chip controls light brightness. In the dark environment: Auto increase brightness prevents visual strain due to insufficient light. In the bright environment: Auto decrease brightness prevents eyes from glaring light.

    Rectangular Light Distribution Only Lighting up the Desktop

    A unique lens helps the lamp emit 500lux light on the desktop evenly in a large rectangular light spot, providing more comfortable light to protect eyes.

    A Small Base Saves Space

    The small base is portable and suitable for placing anywhere. Travelling: it's easy to pack in your bag due to a small base. Lighting: it can be placed on the desk, in the bedroom, in the office, on the bar counter and table... Cordless use: it can be used anywhere due to a rechargeable battery.

    180° Rotation Any Lighting Angle

    lt can be fold vertically as you like, lighting up a large area.

    Full-Spectrum Light Source Soft Light

    32 customized full-spectrum lamp beads simulate natural light to provide soft and bright light for reading and prevent eye strain.

    Ra95 CRI Display True Colors

    Ra≥95 CRl can display true colors of objects and make your painting more outstanding.

    Three Color Temperatures Create Personalized Good Light

    3000K-6000K of color temperatures can be adjusted in different environments.

    Brightness Stepless Adjustment Lighter or Darker

    Long press the button to adjust the brightness in different environments.

    Cordless Use 13+ Hours of Battery Life

    A 2200mAh battery can be charged through a Type-C charging port. About 3hours in high light About 13+hours in low light

    Elaborate Process Elegant Design

    LED lamp bead: Full spectrumlamp beads, high-qualitysoft lighting. LED lens plate: A large rectangular light-transmitting plate creates soft and uniform light. Touch panel: A smooth touch control surface. Non-slip base: Solid and non-slip, hard to tip over. Aluminum alloy shell: Frosted metal is elegant and fadeless.