Baseus Car Phone Holder 15W QI Wireless Charger
Baseus Car Phone Holder 15W QI Wireless Charger
Baseus Car Phone Holder 15W QI Wireless Charger
Baseus Car Phone Holder 15W QI Wireless Charger
Baseus Car Phone Holder 15W QI Wireless Charger
Baseus Car Phone Holder 15W QI Wireless Charger
Baseus Car Phone Holder 15W QI Wireless Charger
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    Baseus Car Phone Holder 15W QI Wireless Charger

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    Baseus Car Phone Holder 15W QI Wireless Charger for iPhone Xiaomi Samsung Car Mount Infrared Fast Wireless Charging Charger

    15W high power,Qi certification

    15W high power, Qi certification, Infrared induction, Dual modes

    Are you still using 5W trickle charge?

    Three times faster in Charging speed

    Test with huawei P30 Pro
    ●15W Super Quick Charge,Fully charged of 50% in 1 hour
    ●Ordinary 5W, Fully charged of 15% in 1 hour

    Cool Current Light, Visible Quick Charge

    Different effects from LED strip of holder edge current
    Timely indicating the charging state

    ●Power-on mode (Slow surrounding of blue light)
    ●Standby display (Slow surrounding of green light)
    ●Charging state ( Rapid surging of green light)
    ●Full charge display(Reminderwith solid green light)

    International Qi Alliance Certification

    Quick but never damage your phone

    Nine major Protection, Safety is Guaranteed

    Over-temperature protection, Equipment matching protection, Over-current protection, Short circuit protection, Over-voltage protection, Over-power protection, Anti-reverse protection, ectromagnetIc field protection, Foreign body protection

    Dual Mode is Just Fine

    Air Outlet Clamping/Instrument Desk Stick-up
    Complimentary two types of support bases

    New Smart Holder Experience

    Infrared induction, Electric opening and closing

    ●Touch and open in 0. 1 second
    Touch the metal sensing button at the upper right edge, and the holder will open automatically
    ●Locking phone via infrared induction
    When the smart infrared sensor detects the mobile phone, the holder automatically closes to lock the phone

    Turn on Quick Charge in 1 Second

    Smart identification of iP and android phones

    The opening and closing dimension of the clamping arm is 7cm-10cm, applicable for phone models of 4.7-6.5 inches

    Adjustable Feet, Accurately Align

    Height of the mobile phone can be adjusted via back knob to accurately align the wireless charging position for higher electric energy cinversion efficiency
    Note: Elastic silicone cushion is installed on the inner side of the damping arm to protect the mobile phone from scratch, so that you can rest at ease even when it is bare machine.

    Details Display

    360° rotation

    Glass mirror surface

    Spring clamp

    Import 3M glue

    Silicone cushion

    Product Parameters

    Brand: Baseus
    Name: Baseus Light Electric Holder Wireless Charger[15W]
    Model: WXHW03
    Technology: Oxidation
    Material: ABS+Acrylic
    Colour Black
    Input: 5V/2A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.67A(Max )
    Output: 5W, 7.5W, 10W, 15W(Max
    Installation method: Clamping+ suction-cup
    Fixation position: Air outlet+instrument panel+windshield
    Suitable for: Mobile phones with wireless charging function(4.7-6. 5 inch)

    Installation steps

    Installation method of suction cup holder
    ① Put in the ball
    ② Clean the instrument panel, tear off the adhesive tape on the suction cup base, and press firmly to attach the base to the instrument panel
    ③ Press the air compression switch to complete the fixing

    Installation method of air outlet holder
    ① Put in the ball
    ② Tighten the fixed
    ③ Toggle the spring clamp to complete the fixing

    For Mobile Phones With Wireless Charging Function

    ●Smart Vehicle Holder Wireless Charger
    It acts as a vehicle holder and a wireless charger, which is brand new vehicle holder experience
    ●15W High Power, Wireless Quick Charging
    15W high power, wireless charger with instant charging, keep your phone fully charged
    ●Ambient Light, Charging Indication
    With automatic infrared induction, a mobile phone can be automatically clamped by the metal arms
    ●Infrared induction, automatic Locking
    It can make the button operations more convenient and prevent scratching
    ●Stable Clamping with Metal Clamp Arm
    The clamping arm is made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy, which is firmly clamped even on the bumpiest road